October 21, 2019

Workers Unions and Labour Organizations in BC

Whether you are a private sector or public sector employee, you have every right under Canadian law to join a workers union and this right is fully protected under provincial law, as well as federal law. Joining such a union can help you together with your colleagues to get better remunerations, benefits, as well as work protection. It also helps to eliminate cases of discrimination, harassment, as well as intimidation at the workplace. 

Workers Unions and Labor Organizations in BC

If you are in British Columbia, you will find reputable labor organizations in BC that have specialized in helping their members negotiate better terms for their employment. This may include fair wages, work protection, fair overtime pay, as well as improvements to benefits, such as pension and medical coverage, among other things. By joining these unions, you can be assisted in a number of ways. These include:

1. If you are not properly paid, they can help you to get fair wages for your industry or job group. 

2. If you have not had a pay raise for a long time, the union can help you get the raise you deserve from your employer based on the time you have been with them. 

3. If the company you are working for is doing well and yet you together with your colleagues are not benefiting from the profits in any way, these unions can also help.

4. In case you are in a dead-end job without any chances for advancement, the union can help to ensure that you are able to jump-start your career once more. 

5. If you are a good worker and yet feel insecure in your job due to constant layoffs for no apparent reason, these unions can help to ensure that you get work protection, whereby your employer may be compelled to compensate you in case of wrongful dismissal.

6. If you are not entitled to benefits, such as sick leave, health care pension, or those you enjoy have not improved for quite some time, these unions can also help to ensure that your employer offers you those benefits.

7. In case your employer is unfair or not consistent with the breaks or overtime, some of the best labour organizations in BC can help to ensure that you get what you deserve.

8. Furthermore, if your workplace is characterized by favouritism, these unions can help with fighting for fairness among all the employees. 

9. In addition, if you are working in an environment that is full of workplace hazards that your employer has refused to address, these unions can help to ensure that workplace safety is improved. 

One of the best things about these unions is that they have a very simple and straightforward joining process and they normally charge very affordable membership fees. Furthermore, they are also staffed with very committed union representatives who are elected by the union members and hence understand the plight of their members. This enables them to champion the rights of their members without fear. If you need help with attaining better employment terms or work protection, you will find reputable labour organizations in BC that can help you out. 

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