November 13, 2019
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Professional Tax Solutions in Canada

If you own an industrial, commercial or multi-residential property in Canada, you will be required to pay substantial amounts of money in property taxes. However, navigating Canada’s complex tax system can be a very lengthy, time consuming and burdensome endeavour. If you have any tax issue but do not know where to begin, there are professional property tax consultants that can come to your aid.


If your property is in Canada, you will find expert property tax consultants that can help you with just about any tax issue you may be having. Whether you need help with the evaluation, management or dispute of property taxes, these tax consulting firms have various programs that are designed to help you save significant amounts of money on your property taxes. Some of the Canadian tax solution services they offer include:


  1. Residential Property Tax Solutions in Canada


Residential property taxes are usually calculated by multiplying municipal tax rates by the precise assessment of that property. Typically, the higher the assessment or tax rate, the hire the tax. As a residential property owner, you will receive the Property Assessment Notice in the mail and this contains information on your property’s assessment. If you feel that the value of your property has been inflated in the notice, you can involve these professionals to help. They will analyze that property in comparison with other comparable properties in the area, find a more accurate value for it and ultimately challenge the assessment.


  1. Commercial Property Tax Solutions in Canada


If you own, manage or lease any type of commercial property, you should always strive to keep your costs as low as possible. To ensure longevity of the property, you need to find ways to have the lowest tax burden and through more accurate market value, take advantage of municipal tax incentives. Fortunately, knowledgeable professionals can manage this process while keeping you from unnecessary pitfalls and helping you maximize your profits. They can handle:


a)Apportionment of your land and its uses

b)Review of tax classifications

c)Correction of data

d)Establishment of asset performance

e)Determination of the key issues for appeal

f)Negotiation of assessment


  1. Industrial Property Tax Solutions


In many cases, industrial properties are the driving force for economies. But, they also have some of the highest tax rates. If you own an industrial facility, warehouse, food processing plant, mine, storage facility or any other industrial property, you need to have a good understanding of associated costs, and values that are attributed to improvements, depreciation factors, land analysis and the lifespan of the structures. Fortunately, tax experts usually follow effective multi-phase procedures to help mitigate tax liabilities for your property.


These professionals can also provide you with topnotch tax services for your multi-residential property. Their services include assessment challenges, costing methodology corrections, tax bill audits, incentive programs, and tax classification changes, among many other things. If you need Canadian tax solution services, these companies can help.

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