Importance Of Paediatric Dentistry All The Way To Dental Implants

Starting at a young age, people need to have good oral hygiene to ensure their teeth stay healthy for a long time. Within 6 to 12 months of the first tooth appearing, a child should start going to the dentist on a regular basis for checkups and cleaning, every 6 to 9 months.

By regularly going to a pediatric dentist in Surrey, the child will become accustomed to going to the dentist and having the best practices when it comes to brushing their teeth and keeping their teeth as healthy as possible.

Children need to be aware of what they can do at home on a regular basis to prevent oral decay further down the road when they are older. Some children may think that because they will have their baby teeth fall out and are replaced by their adult teeth that they do not have to take care of their baby teeth. This is not the case.

Not taking a child to a pediatric dentist in Surrey can leave them prone to being sick from not having clean teeth and gums. When plaque builds up along the gum line, it can become infected, or the bacteria can enter the blood stream, causing the child to become sick.

Having poor oral hygiene at an older age is the leading cause of heart attacks. The plaque enters the blood through the gums and can build up in the veins, blocking the blood from entering the heart correctly and therefore causing a heart attack.

Simply because someone did not have good oral hygiene practices when they were a child does not mean it is too late to start. Often older patients come into a dental clinic without having been to a dentist in years, or even decades. Generally, in these cases, the patient goes to the clinic because something in their mouth is very wrong.

Most of the time patients have rotting or broken teeth that need immediate attention. Many teeth that need to be replaced can be fixed with dental implants. Dental implants work by removing or restoring the troublesome tooth, or teeth, and replacing or supporting them with prosthetic. Langley dental implants work great to improve speech, appearance, pain from infections or from eating and will greatly increase overall oral health.

The oral surgery to get dental implants is completely safe and effective. It can be for a single tooth, multiple teeth, for dentures or to bridgework. Whether it is from bone decay, poor dental hygiene or from an accident that caused someone to lose their teeth or have them shifted, dental implants are the way to go.

Whether someone needs a pediatric dentist in Surrey to get their child started with the correct oral hygiene, or they are in need Langley dental implants to replace or restore injured teeth, it’s possible to get the proper oral care needed in the Vancouver area.

Oral hygiene is so much more important than people give it credit for. No matter what the age, health or lifestyle, the mouth needs to be properly taken care of.